Tyto alba (tytoalba) wrote in tarot_art,
Tyto alba

Four of Pentacles

The four of pentacles lords over plenty, but still wants more: he stares at his glittering treasures with dissatisfaction. A hording dragon coils around him, representing his greed. It both feeds from and contributes to his desires until the difference is imperceivable. While he's looking away, it slips another sphere into the crook of his arm.

So here's the next drawing for my tarot deck, which I plan on completing SOMEDAY. I imagine that day is very far away.

The mural crown in the Rider-Waite system is pretty much the only detail that I've stuck to -- the symbolism attached to it in heraldry is very faithful to the meaning of the four of pentacles.

Cards I've Done So Far:

The Empress
The King of Wands
The Page of Wands
The Hierophant
The Five of Pentacles
The Five of Wands
The Four of Pentacles
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