Stephanie Arwen Lynch (stephanielynch) wrote in tarot_art,
Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Whispering Tarot by Elizabeth Hazel

I just got notification of the Summer 2008 American Tarot Association's Quarterly Journal. No one was happier than I when Liz Hazel agreed to take this project off my hands. While I enjoyed gathering the articles, Liz has transformed this members-only publication into a classy, quality production. You could tell with her first offering that she was aiming for a magazine style that would give experienced and beginning readers in-depth information.

When I opened up my QJ, I saw an announcement that read:

The Whispering Tarot by Elizabeth Hazel was released in late June 2008. This is a signed, limited edition of 500 decks. Copies are available at A review of the deck will be in the QJ Fall 2008 issue.

To see what I thought of this deck, check out my most recent blog.
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